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wetransferapp.com is a Guide for Wetransfer App and Wetransfer App Alternatives.

About WeTransfer: We Transfer app is a file-sharing platform. We can use this We Transfer app is to send large files via email like as music, video, and photographs from One Person to Another Person. Wetransfer having a free services without registration. It Allows you to send files up to 2 GB per transfer in we transfer free version.

We Transfer Plus: WeTransfer Plus is a premium version services from wetransfer. The We transfer plus premium cost is $120 a year and $12 a month. It has file sharing limit 20 GB at a time, and files storage upto 100 GB.

We Transfer App: The WeTransfer App is available platforms for android, ios and wetransfer for windows.

WeTransfer Alternatives: We have a many alternatives like Wetransfer app. The WeTransfer Alternatives are same in service wise but the difference is the user interface and premium options.


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